Squarefoot, 2020

Squarefoot is a multifarious work made up of three video projections, staged objects from the videos’ production, and ancillary drawings. Loosely inspired by a little known ghost story about a wandering ghost damned to roam with feet bound to blocks, Squarefoot spans a single night. The projections fulfill and fail various subject-object relationships; that of human/animal, body/thing and actor/person – moves to interrogate our persistent and destructive belief in human exceptionalism. Headless feet wandering throughout various landscapes, the subject (the ghost, the camera, the Concrete Feet, the artist, the viewer) encounters archetypal figures that emerge from the dark like cabaret acts performing on a stage. Carefully constructed video shot on multiple formats and sound help push the moving image into a material encounter, a volume, extending the material discourse off the walls and into exhibition space.